Geo News trying for DIVORCE between Boxer Amir Khan and Faryal Makhdoom

Faryal Makdoom just shared a clip of Dr. Amir Liaqat Khan who spoke against Geo News for trying to break up the marriage of Boxer Amir Khan and Faryal Khan.

So much respect for this guy. Thank you for speaking out positively.

Amir Khan who is also a controversial person and first worked for GEO News for several years, anyhow every one knows better about him.

But Faryal is like “Doobtay ko Tinkay a Sahara”. But people left very strong comments on her status.

Tahira Riaz said,

Faryal you were nothing without Amir’s fame. You married into his family knowing full well he is a celebrity and you will be on that status level. Respect his family and your husband by stop trying to big yourself up by saying this person agrees with me or that person agrees with me. Speak to them privately and try to resolve the matter. Your only making your situation worse. Also funny how in your mums interview with geo she was dressed as a ‘Paindoo’ like you call your in laws and normally she doesn’t dress like that and then she mentioned Allah swt doesn’t like divorce but she not once mentioned Allah swt doesn’t like girls wearing revealing clothes like you do. Hypocrisy to the highest limit. Choose your battles wisely. For your child’s sake I hope you all resolve this and come to a compromise.

Btw, Amir Liaquat is considered a joke, nothing like mufti menk or maulana tariq jameel..

Seeta Rani said:

This guy just talking about life and God in one nothing special , but it might come across amazing to faryal because it focuses on the marriage bit. But faryal you don’t need a speech from an outsider when you need to listen to yourself . I’m sure there was problems with inlaws and I’m sure you experienced some kind of abuse . And of course the inlaws don’t agree with your ways . But I do feel you want to be noticed and you do want fame . But I think this was not the way to gain it . Instead use your platform to bring yourself out rather then have people judge you more on your situation in your personal life , that could have been dealt with privately . Because either way amair is still standing by you . Move on from this . And become famous in your own right for something positive , so people look up to you . And not slate you. Nothing positive has come out of this for you . Your being noticed for something negative here not positive .