Generous Saudi Actor Fayez Al-Malki paid SR250,000 Blood Money to Resucee a Pakistani Driver

Pakistani truck driver Rustam Khan was imprisoned for killing a military personnel during a traffic accident a year ago in Taif, KSA. He was required to pay SR250,000 as blood money in order to get free from jail.

Rustam Khan he had put a video on social media, offering to sell his kidney to collect the money. Video went viral on social media and Generous Saudi actor Fayez Al-Malki wished to pay the blood money and came forwards to rescue Rustam Khan, he paid 250,000 SAR to the Authorities, plus an extra 5,000 SAR to the man!

The parents of the victim man who died did not accepted money and it went to the heirs of the military personnel.

Such Humbleness and Piety led him to perform this action, which carries a HUGE reward from Allah. This Pakistani man would probably never have expected this even from his own country of Pakistan.

So many people left comments, On Brother M Bashir: left a comment saying

I appreciate the generosity of our Saudi Brother towards a Pakistan Driver. I am sure Allah will reward him the best than he offered. We all Pray God blessing for him. His act of kindness will long be remembered in Pakistani Hearts.

News Source : SG