Gang war between two Pathan Groups, Minor Argument led to Physical fight

A gang war broke in two pathan groups, in which five were injured and one was critical so they sent him to Islamabad. They attacked each other with knives.

Five of them were arrested, and five of them were injured after a minor argument that broke out into a fight.

The one critical patient was sent to Islamabad,

Tothal police station, Mirpur  launched an investigation on the matter.

According to report, Raees silk center and Bashir silk center’s employees were having a minor argument, when all of a suddenly it broke out into a fight and got out of hand.

They attacked each others with knives, and the only critical patient was stabbed in his head with scissors.

Syed Khan son of Pir Jaan was the one who got stabbed in the head with a scissor, as his condition was critical he was sent to Islamabad.

His brother Fazal Haq son of Pir Jaan was the one who reported the incident to the local police.

Tothal police launched an investigation, and Raees Khan, Jamroz Khan, Sikandar Mehmood Adil, and Ibrar Hussain along with five others were added in the official report.

After investigation police was able to locate Jamroz Alam’s resident in B block Mirpur, and he was arrested with Raees Khan son of Syed Gul and others.