Gang of robbers rob many homes in one night in Bhimber

Robbers steal precious things form many homes in one night. The police is trying to unravel this elaborate operation and arrest the criminals

In the dead of the night a gang of robbers forced entry into homes and stole hundreds of thousands worth stuff. When the mugged family realized that had happened they immediately informed the police. SSP Chaudhry Muneer Hassien told the DSP Raja Naeem Arif and Inspector City Police Bhimber Haji Sikander Azeem to start hunting down the area in search of the pack of robbers.

Their search found a suspect from Islamgarh and he has been taken into police custody for questioning. He was found to have laptops and a gun with 30 rounds. The police is still questioning him and are very confident that in a day or two they shall be able to capture and arrest all pf the involved parties. They have found the mole.