Future of Thousands of Students at Stake in Azad Kashmir

Mirpur: Future of thousands of M.A students is at stake due to the negligence of management of Azad Kashmir University Muzaffarabad. They made a mistake in making the date sheet and put two tough subjects’ exam on the same date. It is very difficult for the students to take two exams on the same day as it is on Masters Level which is quite tough and if they leave one exam; their whole year would be wasted.

According to information, management of Azad Kashmir University has put M.A English and Economics exam on the same date i.e. 7 Oct, 2015. Both exams will be taken on the same day from morning till evening (12 pm to 5pm), which is impossible for the students to prepare for both. Students can’t miss any exam because university takes these exams once a year and in this way their whole year could get wasted. These students are not the regular ones but private, that is why education department does not take much interest in resolving these kinds of problems. Students have requested the Prime Minister and Vice Chancellor of Azad Kashmir to take notice and some action against such mismanagement of the university and save the future of the students by making proper changes in the date sheet.