Funeral Prayer of Farzana Khan, 41, who died of Cancer in Middlesbrough

The funeral prayer for Farzana will be tomorrow (11.01.2017) after midday prayer at 1pm God willing.

Middlesbrough Central Mosque
133A Waterloo Road

Here is the message left by her grieving Husband.

She fought a 3 year battle and continued to fight to the very last breathe. We have been married for 21 years, and have 4 children, the youngest is 5. She is a selfless individual that smiles no matter how much pain she is going through, she is our pillar and our family would collapse without her ..

My wife was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2013, I would like to use this as a reminder to each and every one of you to cherish those loved ones and remind them you love them, life is but a moment and that moment can pass with a blink. She fought a 3 year battle and continued to fight to the very last breathe.

My world has collapsed but my heart remains firm for my family and my faith pushes me on. We must b a source of strength in public for our loved ones but we weep in private.

I will be transferring all the funds to Cancer Research like I initially pledged…

I would like to thank Dr. Nolting from Hallwang clinic who supported us via the phone throughout the night and tried his utmost to get my wife to Germany.

Finally, from every ounce I have left in me, I want to thank you for your support, whether it’s donations, sharing the story or a single prayer, I cannot repay you enough.

I will update with funeral arrangements as soon as I am able.

Please keep my children in your prayers.

Until we see you again, my beautiful wife Ferzana x