Funds released to provide gas to Bin Kharman : PM

PM Azad Kashmir Ch Abdul Majeed has vowed to solve the problems of Bin Kharman Mian Mohammad Town at any cost. He has issued the funds to the related department for immediately solving the gas problem.

He further said that Bin Kharman Mian Mohammad Town is a large sector of Mirpur and to solve its problems is his and his government’s responsibility and they will not hide from them. All the basic demands of the people will be fulfilled very soon. He expressed these views while meeting a delegation of youngsters from Mian Mohammad Town headed by Masood Ahmed Paracha.

The delegation included Ch Adil Nawaz, Yasir Paracha, Ch Naveed, Nabeel Janjua, Malik Asad, Faizan Paracha, Jabar Ahmed, Nasir Paracha and others. At the meeting Masood Ahmed Paracha, briefed the Pm about the difficulties faced by the Bin Kharman residents, which included lack of medicines in the local dispensary, the in availability of doctor, load-shedding, deplorable conditions of roads, etc. He emphasized that Bin Kharman is a densely populated area with highest population in Mirpur sector and suigas, safe water; better roads are their basic issues that need to be resolved quickly.

PM Azad Kashmir issued instructions to present MS Ch Mushtaq to make sure the availability of doctor and drugs at the Bin Kharman dispensary. He also assured to visit Bin Kharman soon to solve its problems.