Freshie raped British Girl, 12, jailed for 10 years and then deported to Pakistan

Kamran Ahmed, 27, who cam in UK just few months ago after marrying a British Pakistani girl, raped a 12 years old girl in Bradford, is jailed for 10 years and after serving 10 years in jail will be deported back to Pakistan.

Kamran Ahmed told his 12 years old victim that she was pretty, then touched her indecently and even tried to kiss her. He than used the cultural background by telling her, if she complaint to anyone in family about IT, at first no one would believe and she will be insulted in the community, better to keep quite.

Later, Kamran Ahmed raped the little girl and said, I have to to do this. Victim girl told her teacher about how she was sexually assaulted by Kamran Ahmed.

Kamran Ahmed confessed raping a teenage girl to his wife and said he is ashamed of his act but devil become heavy on him and he had to do this.

The victim girl and her family had felt ashamed and too embarrassed to tell anyone about what happened because of their cultural background. Due to this difficulty even young girl is not feeling comfortable to tell even during counselling about what happened to her.

The incident has left lasting affects on her future life.