Fraudulent Car technician looted Money from a British Citizen of Dadyal

British Citizen of Dadyal handed over his Land Cruiser to Technician in Mirpur, who over charged him with 4 Lacks and 67 thousand rupees bill.

According to details, a British Citizen of Dadyal came to Mirpur and handed over his land cruiser to technician named Aisf Butt in Nangi Bus Station Mirpur. Who agreed to change the Dash Board of Vehicle and will repair other electrical work in 90,000/ Rs. While Dashboard will be provided by owner of vehicle.

Technician started repairing vehicle after receiving payment. Later on for further work Vehicle needed to be taken to Peshawar. Technician Asif Butt got the Registration Book of Vehicle to take it to Peshawar. Vehicle remain in Peshawar for about 1 month and during this time Asif Butt took about 2 Lack 50 thousand rupees from Owner in different repairing bills.

Asif Butt did not stop at this, after one month when Vehicle arrived in Mirpur, he gave of Bill of 4,67000/- Rupees to owner and asked him to pay this bill and get your registration book.

Extra payment Case was not settled between British Citizen and Car technician, finally British Citizen approached Police and later case was settled after British Citizen paid 2 Lack Rupees to owner.