Four men charged with murder of Imran Khan in Bradford

Police made arrest after investigating the death of Bradford father-to-be Imran Khan, 7 men were taken in police custody for investigation in connection with Mr Khan’s death. 4 men were charged with Murder of Imran Khan.

30 years old Imran Khan died after he was shot in Round Street, West Bowling, on Monday night. Tonight police charged four Bradford men with murder.

1. Amjad Khan, aged 30, of New Cross Street.
2. Ismail Khan, aged 31, of Masham Place.
3. Ziaurahman Khan, aged 30, of Springmill Street.
4. Mohammed Faisal Riaz, aged 28, of Ryan Street.

have been remanded in custody to appear at Bradford and Keighley Magistrates Court tomorrow.

3 men of of ages 34, 21 and 22 remain on bail who were arrested on suspicion of conspiracy to murder.

Imran Khan, who was 30 and a father-to-be, died after a shooting incident in Round Street, West Bowling on Monday night.

Meanwhile, family, friends and neighbours paid tributes to Imran Khan in Round Street, West Bowling. Imran Khan’s widow is due to give birth to a girl next month, which would have been his first child. Bad thing is Imran Khan could not see his first child and child will never see her father.