Four drug dealers jailed for smuggling cocaine, worth 440,000 pounds, in Bradford from South America

Four drug dealers got arrested and sentenced for 31 years, combined, jail for smuggling cocaine into Bradford from South America. They had set up a whole fake business in Bradford, where they could send the shipment to. But police got hold of it and arrested all four culprits.

According to information, the cocaine is worth 440,000 pounds and had been imported from South America. The culprits Salim Patel, 33, Sabbir Munshi, 33, Faizal Nanlawala, 30, and Suhail Khojani, 32, had been jailed for 31 years combined. Patel, of Bolton, was jailed for eight years and four months, Munshi of Fletcher Street, was locked up for seven years seven months, Nanlawala of Bolton Road, was sentenced to seven years seven months, and Khojani of Manchester was imprisoned for eight years. They had set up a fake business in Bradford where they would put all 2.24 kilos of cocaine but the entire plan got spoiled. This kind of shipment had also been caught before, at Heathrow Airport in April 2013. The detectives say that this was a very sophisticated conspiracy and such smugglers should now be aware after these arrests.