Flood water washed away the Farm and the fruit garden of Syed Mohammad Shah in Dhok Qasim Nagar

Mirpur- Flood caused by Recent Rains washed away Farm and Garden of Syed Mohammad Shah in Dhok Qasim Nagar area of Mangla Hamlet. Syed Mohammad Shah lost hundreds of thousands of Rupees but none of Government Department came forward to provide him relief.

The recent flood that came due to wrong information of the Meteorological Department came with surprising swiftness caused massive destruction in many areas. The tremendous flow of water wrecked many villages, and took life of hundreds of people.

An old man Syed Mohammad Shah resident of Mangla Dhok Qasim Nagar lost all of his life savings and left with empty hands after flood ruin his Fruit Garden and a Farm. Fruit Garden was the only source of income for him.

Heavy Rains and Water released by Mangla Dam washed away Farm, Fruit Trees, Plants and ruptured boundary walls of Garden causing irrevocable. Now only rocks and bricks are spread all over the garden.

Despite announcement of Government to provide relief to flood victims, No one from Mirpur Local Authorities reached to provide relief to poor man.

Mohammad Shah s/o Gul Hussain Shah Resident of Mangla Dhok Qasim Nagar while talking to the journalists plead to the Government of Azad Kashmir and the District Administration to provide relief for the loss so that he can start his life again.