First time Amir’s Mom and Dad came to see me, I was wearing SLEEVELESS : Faryal

About In Laws claims that Faryal is wearing sleeveless they object on it, Faryal spoke out that when Amir’s family had come to my house 5 years ago for marriage proposal, I remember the first time I ever met them, I was wearing sleeveless and I was always very modern in my dressing, I remember the first day Amir’s mom and dad had come with him, they knew the way I was dressing.

She said I’m not really a drinker, smoker or party girl. I respect my religion a lot but in my dress sense I was very open about it ages ago. This is what I am and how I am.

I am the same person today as I was five years ago when I got engaged and at that time Amir’s parents did not objected, they would have said ‘sorry we can’t accept you because of the way you dress’ or ‘sorry you’re too Western or too independent we won’t accept you.’

Everything was fine for them at that time, we all really got along, we had such great laughs and you know, they were so happy to welcome me into the family. So that’s how it worked out in the beginning. But right after marriage they want me to change?.

In the beginning of my engagement, I was allowed to see him. They were very happy for me to come and visit. Very happy to send Amir. But suddenly after like when it got closer to the wedding I was not allowed to see Amir. Even when he was on holidays and when i wanted to give him surprise on Valentine day.

Faryal said my In Laws would have addressed my dressing issue before getting their son married, I would have simply refused their proposal or I would have changed my dressing from Western to what ever please them. That was the right time, but after bringing me to their family they want to change me, if they accepted me before getting married, they way i was, they should accept for who i am now.

I am not changed I am the same person whom they came to see and and accepted me for their son. Just because I am their daughter in Law they cannot impose their own standards on me.