Fire Department took 3 Hours to Reach Local Merchants Shop that Caught Fire

Merchant’s shop catches fire due to a short circuit, the fire brigade took 3 hours to reach the scene.

A merchant’s shop in Sector F-2 slum area caught fire due to a short circuit.

Chief organizer of Azad Kashmir got at the scene as soon as he heard of the new.

Fire department arrived after 3 hours, even then the local merchants went to the department to get them once they did not come there after they have already received the call.

The merchants and other locals gathered around the area, and watched as the fire got bigger and bigger.

Ch Moahhmed Naeem said, the fire started by a short circuit could have been contained, if the fire department would have responded on time. He added that the Merchants had to go and drag the fire department with them.

The fire brigade is ignorant, and that is why a man lost all of his savings and work today.

There are a number of similar events that have taken place in Mirpur, and it needs to stop.

An appeal to the PM and other concerned personnel, that the merchant should be helped financially, so he can build his business and feed his family.