Fire burns a Shop down to Ashes in Chakswari

In Chakswari a shop suddenly caught fire and completely burnt down. The people successfully controlled the fire but all the goods present inside could not be saved.

In Kalyal, Nakyaal Chowk Chakswari, 2 stores in a building caught fire and completely burnt down. The worker at shop was welding a motorbike, suddenly shop caught fire and in few seconds burnt whole shop. Nearby people rushed to the scene and did their best to put the fire out. However to shop could not be saved before the fire was controlled. Even some damage to the motorcycle was reported to have occurred. All stock present inside the stores was destroyed and the owners suffered a great financial loss. We are unaware if their stores were insured and if the owners be reimbursed.

Accidental fires are dangerous and have potential to burn down entire building. We are very lucky that the fire ate only one shop and not the entire building. We should take all cautionary measures to ensure this doesn’t happen again.