Fight Between Senior Minsiter Ch Yasin and Secretary General Latif Akbar

During a Central Executive Committee procession held in Muzaffarabad. Senior Minster Chair was placed along with Prime Minister. Latif Akbar Ch Secretory General sit on that seat. When Ch Yasin Arrived and asked him to leave his seat, Latif Akbar refused and said “I am Incharge of this Procession and CEC”, i can also sit on this seat. Afterwards Latif Akbar Exchanged Harsh words with Ch Yasin, which led to a fight.

Ch Rasheed, Javaid Iqbal Budhvani, Matloob Inqalabi stand up too and exchange harsh words with Ch Yasin. Which led to a serious fight between Latif Akbar and Ch Yasin.

Latif walked out from Hall, all Gujjar Minister followed him including Ch Rasheed, Javaid Iqbal Budhvani, Matloob Inqalabi, Sardar Qamar Zamman, Pervaiz Asharf, Majid Khan, Hussain Sargalla, Bazil Naqvi, Afsar Shahid, Akbar Ibrahim, Raja Wajid, Faisal Rathore and Azhar Gillani.

While Abdul Salam Butt and Shazia Akbar were with Ch Yasin. Later on Prime Minister arrived and he went to Latif Akbars office, Workers and PPP Members of Latif Akbar reached there protested against Ch Yasin. They break into office of Ch Yasin and damaged his office. They also stopped PM Ch Majeed Car and hit his car.

Later on Ch Majeed Settle down issue among both ministers.