Fight Between Senior Minister Ch Yasin and Chahudhry Riaz

During local funds allocation, Senior Minister, Chahudhry Yaseen, and Senior Advisor to the government, Chahudhry Riaz, broke into a fight in the presence of Faryal Talpoor. The fight entailed war of words and personal attacks. Senior Minister gave threat of resigning to the position he is holding and Faryal Talpoor accepted the resignation. Senior members intruded and it calmed down the situation.

Reports show that during a conference at Zardari House, financial resources of ten billion were allocated to the members of local government. Half the budget was consumed and the fight sprouted because of the half remaining. The main reason of dispute was how to use the remaining funds. This fight resulted in Chahudhry Yaseen threatening to resign from his position from the government. Faryal Talpoor asked him to give his resignation, but he said he will give it in front of the media. Along with former Prime Minister, Raja Pervaiz Ashraf, and President

Azad Kashmir, Sardar Yaqoob Khan, went to Zardari House to solve the problem with Faryal Talpoor.

Chahudhry Yaseen and the other party have different interpretations of the event. Chahudhry Yaseen says that these two personalities were sent so that he does not resign and the other party says that they were sent to Faryal Talpoor by Chahudhry Yaseen to solve the situation so that he does not have to resign. However, the media is still waiting for his resignation.