Ferrari Millionaire Zahid Khan flew in a Private Jet to Newcastle to Friend’s Birthday

Millionaire businessman Zahid Khan and his friends including Shak Rana, owner of Ground Shaker UK, had booked a a private jet and flew to greet their new friend Floyd Mayweather in Newcastle to celebrate his birthday by their surprise visit.

Earlier, Zahid Khan had invited United States rapper Mr Capone-E to perform at exclusive Birmingham gig, but the show was later cancelled after fears the venue was not large enough to hold the anticipated number of people that could turn up.

Zahid Khan and Mr Capone gave a birthday cake to Floyd as a surprise and went to Park Regis Hotel. Later that night a van belonging to Floyd Mayweather was torched in an arson attack.

West Midlands police said Enquiries into the fire, which caused extensive damage to the vehicle belonging to a guest, are currently on-going and police are examining CCTV footage.

Mayweather left Birmingham after the vehicle was attacked but Zahid Khan and friends booked a private jet to catch up with Floyd in Newcastle.

Ferrari Millionaire Zahid Khan has had his fair share of ups and downs over the last couple of years after he was ambushed by his friends as he sat in his £250,000 Rolls Royce.

Original News Source: MiB