Ferdos Rabani, 48, Jailed for 24 years for Raping a woman, 34, in Sheffield

Ferdos Rabani, 48, akn Joshua Abdul, resident of HMP Marshgate formerly of Sheffield received a 24-years sentence behind bars on Wednesday 12 April in Sheffield Crown Court for raping a vulnerable woman in November 2016.

Ferdos Rabani jailed for rape in Sheffield

Ferdos Rabani jailed for rape in Sheffield

The court heard how Ferdos Rabani, approached the woman, 34, in Sheffield city centre in April last year, offering her a lift home.

Once woman get inside his car, Ferdos Rabani offered her cigarettes, believed to have been drugged, to make her drowsy. He then drove her to a remote area outside of the city and raped her.

Investigating officer, said: “Rabani could clearly see that the victim was vulnerable. He preyed on her and took advantage of her, leaving her incredibly traumatised by what happened.”

The brave woman came forward to report the case to police and told them what had happened to her.

Detective Inspector said: “Today, an incredibly dangerous man has been removed from the streets of Sheffield as a result of the bravery and resilience shown by the victim, coupled with the determination of the investigating officers.”

“I hope this case serves as an example of our dedication and commitment to protecting vulnerable people and our relentless efforts to achieve justice for victims of sexual violence and abuse.

He added:” I also hope that knowing Rabani is behind bars where he belongs can help the victim to continue moving forward with her life.”

Original News Source: South Yorkshire Police