Federal Minister Azad Kashmir calls Kashmiris “sheeps and goats”

Muhammad Azeem Batthi administrator of union council Islamgarh while talking to journalist in Islmagarh press club shared his about Federal Minister use beastly language.

Calling people “goats and sheep” is not acceptable. It is socially and morally incorrect and does no favors for anyone. We Kashmiris stand in no need of his funds. History can attest that we paid the price of peace in blood. We shall come up with funds on own out and continue the development projects started in AK. The PM needs to take immediate notice of this situation and take due action.

Muhammad Azeem said that if Federal Minister was so eloquent and eager to badmouth people he should put his skills to good use and deal with India who has killed thousands of Kashmiris in cold blood. To add fuel to the matter on one hand Muslim League N head Nawaz Sharif on one hand shakes hands with Indian PM who is responsible for many Kashmiris death and then his party member verbally abuses us. He also said that hopefully other political parties who actually care about Kashmiris and their cause.

Politicians are vessels through which people coexist peacefully. They not only represents on international forum but also within our country. These representative have a duty to us and to misuse power is not acceptable. It should be reminded that elections are a tool by which people can remove a person from power.