Father of 1 drowned in Mangla Dam while Fishing

Liaqat resident of Staff Colony was fishing at Khanpur area of Mangla Dam along with his brother and nephew and drowned in water. His dead body was found my Rescue 1122.

According to details, Liaqat was installing Net to catch fishes on one side of Lake while his brother and nephew were on other side. Suddenly Liaqat disappeared and drowned.

When brother and nephew found Liaqat missing they cried for help, locals around gathered and tried to found him. Meanwhile Rescue 1122 and FIF reached there, their divers tried to found the dead body of Liaqat but could not found it.

Then DC Mirpur seek help of Pak Army divers, who later found dead body of Liaqat, which was shifted to hospital and later handed over to family of Liaqat.

Deceased was married and father of 1 child. He married about 1 year ago.