Father and son beat up milk shop owner over demanding payment-Afzalpur

Father and son brutally beat up milk shop owner such that neighboring shopkeepers had to physically hold them down and then reported them to Police at Afzalpur.

Muhmmad Saleem son of Khadim Hussain is the owner of a milk shop in Chechian. It was just another ordinary day and business going perfectly fine as usual. Saleem had no idea that the peace and tranquility will be so rudely destroyed and he’d be at the receiving end of physical abuse.

Muhmmad Aziz and his son Muhmmad Ahsan came to the shop and bought milk. When the owner asked for payment, they paid him using their fists and bats. They were beating him up so brutally that shopkeepers in nearby shops came and forcefully held the two down. Then they reported them to the police. The police has arrested the two and field an official complaint against them.

We appreciate behavior of police and how they arrested the two thugs. These people are a menace in society and a plague upon the name of peace. No man should be able to get away with his wrong deeds and continue inflicting pain upon others.