Father and Mother Jailed for Brutally Torturing their 3 month old Baby to Death in London

Father and Mother have been jailed after their 3 months old son died when he was brutally beaten and burnt in a sickening campaign of abuse in their home in Poplar, east London, in July last year.

Father Mohammed Miah, 36, and mother Rebeka Nazmin, 32, resident of Poplar, east London, jailed for minimum 24 years for murdering their 3 months old son Rifat Mohammed at Old Bailey.

The Baby had 38 rib fractures, 8 leg fractures and a broken spine, had been whipped with a mobile phone charger cord and burned on a radiator.

Father Mohammed Miah and Mother Rebeka Nazmin Jailed for killing their baby

Father Mohammed Miah and Mother Rebeka Nazmin Jailed for killing their baby

Rebeka Nazmin, called Paramedics saying her 3 months old son wasn’t breathing and had vomited the day before. Paramedics found the lifeless child on the floor in a bedroom at the family home. Baby was rushed to Great Ormond Street Hospital where suspicious medics called the police after discovering the burn marks and he died from brain injuries the following day.

Parents were charged with causing grievous bodily harm but when baby died the next day after trial started, then a murder trial was started against parents.

3 months old Rifat Mohammed was so badly wounded that a pathologist likened his injuries – including a head injury that starved his brain of oxygen – to those of a car crash victim. He was severely shaken or hit against a hard surface.

An examination of his body revealed 38 rib fractures, eight fractures to his legs and a broken spine from being squeezed and pulled. He was also hit with the cord of a mobile phone charger and burned on a radiator, the trial heard.

Another child in the house, who is on the autistic spectrum, had behavioural problems in the past.

Father of five Mohammed Miah was cleared of cruelty to two other children, who told how they were whipped with a mobile phone charger cable.

Mohammed Miah was handed a life sentence with a minimum term of 18 years for murder at the Old Bailey, plus 7 years for allowing injury to a child. These sentences will run concurrently.

Rebeka Nazmin, cleared of a murder charge but was jailed for 6 years for allowing the death of a child and 3 years to run concurrently for allowing injury to a child.

Original News/Picture Source: Mirror