Farzana Iqbal 25, stoned to death by her family in Lahore

25 years old Farzana Parveen resident of Faisalabad was engaged to her cousin arranged by her family. But Farzana did not want to marry her cousin and she married to her choice Muhammad Iqbal resident of Jaranwala some months ago.

Brothers and Family members of Farzana registered a kidnapping case against Muhammad Iqbal. Farzana Parveen now Farzana Iqbal came to appear in court early morning May 27, 2014 to record statement that she had married of her own free will with Muhammad Iqbal.

She was waiting outside Lahore High court that several members of her family appeared outside Lahore High Court including her father and brothers who attacked on her and beaten her to death with bricks. Father of Farzana Iqbal claims that Muhammad Iqbal wanted to marry their daughter

Farzana was pregnant of three months. She was pronounced dead in hospital.

Police arrest Father of Farzana Iqbal while other men escaped from scene. Father of Farzana accept killing her daughter and said it is an “Honor Killing”.