Faryal signed a Pre-Nup as asked by In Laws to Protect £30Million of Boxer before Marriage

Faryal has claimed that she was asked by Amir’s parent to sign a pre-nup which protected the £30 Million of boxer Amir Khan just before 2 weeks of their wedding. The pre-nup stipulated he would keep everything in his name if they split.

I signed it because I wanted to prove I didn’t want the money. I wanted Amir. He is the love of my life.

But the day when I got pregnant, Amir cancelled the pre-nup and tore it, it made me happy because it showed he loved me.

Faryal told in her recent interview that almost every single one of her in laws is married to a cousin or a relative. But Amir married out of family, that is whey they bullied me out of jealousy and because I was an outsider. This was the reason Amir’s parents get me to signed pre-nup in absence of Amir, as they did not trusted me from day one.

Now the family feud has started again after a detailed interview of Faryal Makhdoom to Dail Mail, where she climed

Her Sister in Law Tabinda, Slapped Her and Pulled her Hairs, and she also claims that her mother was asked to come from New York to UK to bring your daughter back, and when My Mother Arrived in UK she begged Amir’s Mom by touching her feet for not to divorce her.

Now after these claims Boxer Amir Khans Father Shah Khan came forward and said, Faryal is pack of lies and She will get Divorce from Amir Khan Soon for accusing my daughters.

If pre-nuptial agreement has been destroyed then Faryal can calim half of the boxer’s fortune in the event of a split.