Faryal Makhdoom’s Parents Respond to Boxer Amir Khan’s Parent’s “Divorce Threats”

Faryal Makhdoom’s parents have revealed they are terrified champion boxer Amir Khan will divorce her due to the model’s ongoing feud with his parents.

Faryal’s arents have broken their silence, admitting they have suffered sleepless nights over the feud as they worry their daughter will be cast aside.

Source: [Daily Mail] UPDATED: 12:08 GMT, 27 December 2016

Finally Faryal Makdoom’s Mother Zia Makhdoom and Father, Shaukat Makhdoom break silence over family drama. During the interview to Dunya News, they said their daughter Faryal got upset on a feud with her in laws, Amir Khan got also upset by the typical fight of “Daughter-in-Law” and “Mother-in-Law”, Amir was upset on the childish behavior of his parents and wife, but the relation between both husband and wife is okay and there is no problem in between them.

Faryal Makdoom’s Mother Zia Makhdoom and Father, Shaukat Makhdoom

Faryal Makdoom’s Mother Zia Makhdoom and Father, Shaukat Makhdoom

Upon a question raised by Dunya News, about Amir Khans parents, Father Shah Khan and Mother, Falak Khan’s statements, even Amir’s father Shah Khan said, “She can get Divorce for her behavior”.

Faryal’s mother responded, “It was the painful day for her and her husband Zia Makhdoom when divorce threats news broke to them. She told,

Divorce threats left both of us shocked and we could not sleep for night, living in fear that our daughter might be divorced at any moment


Faryal's Mum requested Amir's Mum not to Threat someone Daughter with Divorce

Faryal’s Mum requested Amir’s Mum not to Threat someone Daughter with Divorce

She also added, Faryal was also talking about these threats that her in laws want divorce between the couple.

She said, “The most hated of permissible things to Allah is divorce.” She said Shah Khan is father of two girls, and requested him and all in laws, to not say such words for someone daughter’s whom they bring home as their daughter in law.

Faryal Khan’s Mother said, “I sent my 20 years old young daughter faraway from USA to UK to live a successful married life obviously, they should accept her in their family as family member, and treat her like their own daughter.

She requested Amir Khan’s father to please do not use Divorce Word to threat our daughter is it gave them pain and they don’t want to live in the fear that their daughter might be divorced at any time.

Faryal Makhdoom’s Father Shaukat Makhdoom said he don’t wan to lure himself in a ‘Typical Daughter-in-law and Mother-in-law Fights’, as it is not suitable for him.

Upon a question, Faryal’s Mum said, the family feud will not and may no affect Amir Khan’s sports career and in his next fights. She said Amir and Faryal loves each other and being parents its our duty to let them live their life they way they want. Being parents we should solve their problems instead of increasing them.

We should let them a free life so that Amir Khan can focus on his career and fundraising campaign for the humanity. She praised Amir Khan and his work for humanity.

Further she requested the media to stop bring their personal life in news and gossips all the time.

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