Faryal Makhdoom Thanked Celebrity Big Brother for Considering her in their Show

Faryal Makhdoom Khan wife of Boxer Amir Khan has been approached by Channel 5 to appear on Big Brother but Faryal Says denied their proposal saying she will not be entering the house any time soon.

While talking to Bolton News, Faryal Makhdoom said: “My team was approached by Big Brothers to take part in their show, but for now my main priority is my husband and daughter”.

She said, i cannot live for that long duration without any contacts with daughter and family. She thanked Big Brother for approaching and considering her to participate in their show.

She is looking forward for opening of her FMK make-up shop in Amir Khan’s multi-million banqueting hall.

One of her fan has suggested her to appear in the show,

I think she should do it. She should show the ‘Khans’ that she is an independent woman and that she does not need anyone’s permission to do what she want’s. Could also be good for Muslims to have someone representing them on TV.

We keep hearing about how Muslims don’t integrate, well this could be a chance to show people they do and that they are just like the rest of us. I like her. I think she should do it. I don’t think she will, but she should.

Original News Source: Bolton News