Faryal Makhdoom in Talks with Celebrity Big Brother to Appear in the next Series

Faryal Makhdoom coined Michael Jackson in talks with celebrity big brother reality tv show, to humiliate boxer husband’s family. She always denied a reality show so lied to her ‘so called fans’.

On her Snapchat account she asked the opinion of her fans about the the potential TV opportunity which could see her unveil explosive family secrets – but has enlisted the help of her fans to decide whether she should accept the offer.

“Hey guys, I got asked to be on Celebrity Big Brother…I’s a very tricky one and idk (sic) if I can do it….
I want my followers (sic) advice. On my last Instagram post, tell me whether I should or shouldn’t? I want you guys to pick…”

Model Faryal Makhdoom going into the CBB house

Model Faryal Makhdoom going into the CBB house

Many fans left comments for her,

U will be more famous than kim kardashian if u came on big brother…’ another teased her with her future status.

Don’t do big brother, trust me it’ll be a mistake, please don’t do it.

Big brother is a baaaad idea… public entertainment – at your expense. No offense, but with your strong personality i just think there will be so much drama and fights etc… will be bad for your public image in my opinion… specially after the whole stuff with amir and his side of the fam …. just saying, only my opinion if thats what youre asking for,”

Faryal is yet to reveal her decision.