Faryal Makhdoom apologies for Filming Video while Driving in Bolton

Faryal Makhdoom has apologised after ‘stupidly’ posting a Snapchat video while driving, saying she “wasn’t thinking”. She said she now keeps her mobile phone away from her while behind the wheel after “stupidly” making a Snapchat video while driving.

While talking to Bolton News, She said”

“It was stupid of me, I wasn’t thinking. I was just so excited to be home and I just didn’t realise. Now I keep my phone as far away as possible from me when I am driving — you learn from your mistakes.”

She added: “Bolton is my home, I live here and people show love and respect. I get defensive about Bolton. I am a city girl from New York but Bolton has so much greenery and it is where my house is, which I am decorating. I was excited to be back in Bolton and to show where I live to my friend.”

The Snapchat video shows Faryal taking her friend out in her Mercedes Benz in Bolton and filming the road ahead.

New laws which came into force in February mean drivers face six points on their licence and a £200 fine if they are caught using their mobile phone at the wheel.

Original News Source: The Bolton News