Faryal Khan says She and Amir will NEVER Divorce Till Death Apart Us

After the statement of Boxer Amir Khan’s Father against Faryal that ‘The writing’s on the wall’ and sooner or later she will get divorce, Faryal has insisted they will not divorce and her her marriage Amir Khan will be ’till death do us part’.

The millionaire model 25, Faryal Makhdoom also left a message for her thousands of Instagram followers

’till death do us part’

till death do us part

till death do us part

Amir Khan’s father Sajjad Khan hit back in the war of word’s with Faryal Makhdoom said she was pushing his son to the limit. He claimed the ‘writing’s on the wall’ for their marriage, which would end in divorce ‘sooner or later’

Faryal also posted a Picture of her with Amir Khan, looking happy together at a charity gala in Toronto last night.

Faryal and Amir looking happy together at a charity gala in Toronto

Faryal and Amir looking happy together at a charity gala in Toronto

Faryal Makhdoom has compared her 3 years feud with her in laws to the ordeal suffered by Princess Diana at the hands of the royal family before she died in 1997 by posting a pictures of Princess Diana with caption:

The establishment I am married into’ – a barbed comment linked to claims she has made of ‘physical and mental’ bullying by her in-laws and Amir’s siblings.

Approximately three hours after she said his family were pushing for a divorce, a furious Amir Khan begged his parents and wife to stop ‘bashing one another’ in public.

There is a clash between couple, as Amir spending more time with family members and She has been spending more and more time in America

Faryal has a fashion model and she models herself, largely in selfies. Her lipstick range under the name Faryal Makhdoom cosmetics is a best-seller. She also has a very popular YouTube channel of clothes, beauty tips and family life with more than 100,000 subscribers. She is an entrepreneur with a successful makeup brand. Her work often takes her to America, and she splits her time between New York and the Bolton home she shares with Amir.