Faryal Khan posted her TOPLESS Picture which Sparked a row with her In Laws

Amir Khan’s wife Faryal sparked a row with her in laws who accused her of spreading ‘Topless’ pictures of social media. Faryal Khan, 25, posted the image to thousands of followers in April asking what they thought of her new peroxide silvery blonde hair and wearing nothing.

Amir Khan’s parents who hails from Pakistan, and in Pakistan for the girls to have success full marriage in typical families there are some rules

Rule #1: family is always correct and wife is always wrong

Amir Khan’s parents belong to Pakistan and they carry their eastern values, morals and culture with them hard to change for them. They are traditional Pakistani still living in the past where they come from where the women are chattels, while Faryal is a modern American muslim girl who dresses and acts how she feels and has taken full advantage of the freedoms offered in the west.

If this is treatment of an independent, successful, high profile young woman in 2016, they you can imagine what some average, young wife from average family suffers with these attitudes from the patriarch and matriarch in these families.

When you get married, your wife and kids become your main focus, you are going to have your own family just like your parents had with you. Amir should be defending his wife, mother of his daughter. And why does he live with his wife right next to his family, where she is being asked to cook and clean for them.

Faryal has said she spoke up to make Pakistani women strong and exposed the nasty, controlling, jealous and bullying in laws. Good Luck to her.

News / Image Source : Daily Mail