Faryal Claims In Law Said, “I’ve done plastic surgery, called me Michael Jackson”

Today Faryal Makhdoom appeared at This Morning with Holly Willoughby and Philip Schofield and said said her relationship with her husband’s family had started out well but had descended into name calling.

Over the years Amir’s brother and sister went on Twitter rants, went on Instagram rants talking about me saying “I’m very fake, I’ve done plastic surgery and Amir Khan’s Brother called me Michael Jackson while I was a pregnant.”

Who says Michael Jackson is dead lol. Jacko lives with us no hahahahahaha – Haroon Khan (@harrykingkhan)

In another tweet Haroon Khan, Brother of Boxer Amir Khan said

I’m sure in Islam it says you shouldn’t change your features you should live with the way you have been born Haroon Khan (@harrykingkhan)

She said, I had done a catwalk and I was very proud of myself, I had seen Amir’s youngest sister had said something like “dog walk” and made a comment and laughed about it.

It hurt me, because when I didn’t work, I was called a “golddigger”, I was called “I’m with Amir for his money”.

Faryal said 6 months into her engagement and she realized she wouldn’t be able to fit into the family. A few months before marrying Amir Khan i went to Pakistan for shopping and thought to give a surprise visit to Amir Khan who at that time was in Dubai. I went there but Amir’s parents said that I had ruined their holidays and next day they took Amir Khan and fly back to UK.

I was not accepted by Amir’s parents as Fiance and there i knew how it will be easy for them to accept me as Amir’s wife.