Fake State Certificates and Passports Seized Under National Action Plan

The passports of illegal Afghan immigrants have been seized. All the Afghanis with and without citizenship will be deport/migrated until December, 2015. Police actions are also been taken against the people involved in issuing fake documents, illegally.

According to the details, in multiple Illegal ways, the Illegal Afghan immigrants proved themselves as Khashmiris, tremendously. With the help of numerous departments, these Afghanis were issued 1500 concession forms and hundreds fake residency certificates. When the National Action Plan began to take action against the illegal Afghan immigrants, these Afghanis offered the fake documents. These immigrants are also occupied with fake ID cards issued from Nadra Office, Mirpur and fake passport issued from Passport Office, Islamgarh.

Actions are taken against all the people involved in the issuance of fake IDs and passports. The Afghanis residing in Mirpur, along with the businesses of shoes, crockery and garments shops, guest house etc are also under the plan of deporting. The Afghan citizenship holders have also been given the deadline of December, 2015 for migration purpose while the continuous action is being taken against the Afghanis without citizenship card.