Fake Marriage Case registered against Samia’s Husband Syed Mukhtar Kazim

Uncle of Shakeel Chaudary filed fake marraige case against Syed Mukhtar Kazim (Who claims to be Samia’s husband).

Additional Session Judge ordered to register FIR against Syed Mukhtar Kazim.

Uncle of Shakeel Ch named Haq Nawaz stated that Samia and Mukhtar Kazim illegally married in Luton City of UK with fake documents. They produced fake documents of Khulla and Nikah to Molana Sabtain Kazmi and obtain a new marriage certificate.

Neither Shakeel received any notice nor Union Council received any notice about Khulla or divorce.

Haq Nawaz told media that and application was forward to police station but police did not take any action nor registered case. Additional Judge Liaqat Ali Ranjha ordered police to registered FIR 22a and 22B against Mukhtar Kazim who produced fake divorce papers and married Samia.

As per Haq Nawaz, Samia’s martial status was not clear that she is married or divorce, and Mukhtar Kazim while on visit to UK groomed Samia and did Nikah over Nikah while is itself a crime as per Pakistani and Muhammadan Law.

Until now Mukhtar Kazim could not produced any evidence of previous divorce certificate.