Fake doctor playing fast and loose with his patient’s lives!

Resident of Lahore Muhammad Khan disguised as a doctor had been playing “Doctor Doctor” with real patients. He had opened up a home based eye clinic called “Al Hafiz Foundation” at Abrar Sao Sari’s home.

Patient Sabir from Kotli sought the services of this doctor. After a checkup the doctor recommended Sabir to get laser surgery. After depositing a fee of Rs 6500, Dr. Khan operated on Sabir. After proper recovery time has lapsed, bandages across eye was removed. Sabir had lost sight in one eye!

Sabir called the doctor but was brushed aside as if it was a normal occurrence. Dr. Khan informed gullible Sabir to deposit more fee for another operation.

Sabir told the drug inspector the whole story and sought his advice. Drug Inspector Mazhar Iqbal armed with police escort paid “Dr. Khan” a visit. After he was apprehend, police discovered he was practicing medicine under a false certificate.