Faisal Qurashi beaten up by nearby homeless community in Mirpur

Faisal Qurashi stopped members of the nearby homeless Community from playing in park. These fellows were outraged and together bet him up quite badly, such that now is admitted into the District Headquarter Hospital.

Faisal Qurashi son of Abdul Qayum, stopped nomads from playing in sector F/2 Park. In retaliation 2 dozen people grouped onto him and beat him up using sticks, bats, etc. These thugs then threatened his family that telling them there is nothing they can do to stop them. It seems as of their Devil May attitude is justified as the police after arresting 2 of the accomplices, Zafar Iqbal and Amir released them on bail.

Despite formal complaint lodged by the family at police station, police is evading its responsibility. They have yet to take decisive action against the guilty party. The family feels threatened by the threats made by these juveniles and request the police to grant them protection. The family says that their area has the protection of political leader elected during elections. The National Action Plan should be used to find a permanent solution to these homeless communities. Even those individuals who lend support to them should be lawfully dealt with.

We hope that Faisal Qurashi and his family find justice and action is taken against these juvenile. These homeless communities that have sprung up everywhere, government needs to take notice of them and provide adequate living establishments for them.