Failed Love Story of Indian Doctor who Fell in Love with Pakistani Driver in Malaysia

Doctor Uzma, who belongs to New Delhi, India and Tahir Ali who Belong to Daggar tehsil of District Buner, Pakistan, fell in love with each other in Malaysia, and kept dating each other. Both came to Pakistan on May 1, 2017 Uzma visited Pakistan via the Wagah border, and got married to Tahir on May 3.

Doctor Uzma and Tahir Ali Love Marriage or Love Breakup ?

Doctor Uzma and Tahir Ali Love Marriage or Love Breakup ?

After two days of marriage, Uzma visited Indian High Commission in Islamabad on Monday to apply visa for Tahir, but she alleged that she was forced to marry Pakistan citizen Tahir Ali on gunpoint.

She recorded her statement in front of the magistrate and stated that she did not want to leave the Indian High Commission in Islamabad till she could safely travel back to India.

She further remarked that she was unaware that Tahir was married and was the father of four children while speaking to the media.

Later, Indian High Commission claimed that Uzma has been staying there out of her own will. According to the Pakistan High Commission, Uzma’s immigration documents state that she travelled to Pakistan on a visit visa.

Tahir Ali while talking to media, said that his wife Uzma is possibly being forced by the Indian embassy to make such statements and that she knew before marriage that I am married and have 4 kids and that i also know Uzma has 1 daughter from her past marriage.

Tahir Ali also gave proof of whatsapp chats and video evidence of Nikah that every thing happened with the will of Uzma.