Facts Why Veena Malik and Asad Khattak Got Married and then Divorced

Veena Malik’s Father and Asad Bashir Khan Khattak’s Father both are friend. 3 years ago, Actress Veena Malik lost her image in Pakistan Film and TV Drama Industry for her loose character in Big Boss Show.

It was the time when Veena Malik’s father decided to get her married wrap up the shame she bring to country and family as well. His friend’s son named Asad who portray himself as a Businessman got married to Veena Malik. Asad Bashir Khan, no one knows him, wanted to work in film industry by using actress Veena Malik.

Truth is Asad Bashir is not a Businessman instead is an ordinary worker in Duabi. All he wanted was to use her name to step in film Indian films. When he showed his interest to work in Indian film industry to his wife Veena Malik, he got reply form her “No body watches you in Pakistan who will watch you in India ?”

Asad Malik after wards remain depended on earning of his wife Veena Malik and stayed at home to take care of their children.

He wanted to live a Luxury life on Income of his wife, beside that he had issues with working of Veena Malik in film industry.

When Finally Veena Malik got Divorced from him via Court in Lahore. Asad started tweeting on how much he love Veena Malik.

While truth is the relationship which are based on Lust, Greed and Lies Never Work. At the End Children are the one who suffer most for the mistakes of parents.