Exposed King Meggy, The Bradford Gangster And Police Informer Who Allegedly Set Yassar Up

These are rumors which are going about on social media. This is not concrete evidence and this story cannot be verified, or use as a proof. does not held any responsibility

King Meggy of Bradford also Known as Mohammad Nisar Khan

King Meggy of Bradford also Known as Mohammad Nisar Khan

Mohammed Nisar Khan Aka Meggy, A Well Known Bradford Gangster Is Accused Of Informing The Police about Yassar, Leading to The Young Fathers Death.

A Bradford Gangster Known As Meggy Who Commonly Uses the National crime agency and West Yorkshire Armed Police to Carry out His Dirty Work is Accused Of ‘Grassing’ On Yassar after Stealing Money From Him

Here is his Police Interview when he Grassed on Zulfiqar ali Aka Ghosty

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News about King Meggy in Past

28 July 2009

Mohammed Nissar Khan – known as Meggy – carried out the attack. Meggy was shot in the stomach in August 2007 as part of what the prosecution alleges was a plot by Fletcher and co-conspirators to exact revenge.

Source: T&A

29 May 2012
Meggy was involved in gang war with owners of restaurant in Bradford the Saffron Desi
Source: Yorkshire Post

Meggy was an “extremely serious criminal who had led a “Charmed Life”. Bradford restaurant brothers were being pressurised by Mohammed Nisar Khan “Meggy” that they felt, they and their family were at risk of significant violence.
Source: T&A

Bradford restaurant family ‘wanted to buy guns because of feud with Nisar Khan aka King Meggy
source: Asian Image

Now see how people on social media Letting him off lightly

Meggy is most feared guy in Bradford, I don’t think many people mess with this guy. Mohammed Nisar Khan aka Meggy real gangster. Source : Google Plus

everyone knows Meggy is a Grass, and living the high life, by selling herion making life a misery for others; an now he his very ill an close to death. Thats karma , enjoy what waits u in the GRAVE.

So everyone knows that Meggy and Faz Rehman are brothers right, Meggy and brother Faz Rehman are well known ‘grasses! Well that is the word on the street.

Boxer Maroof used to slap him Biggest Drug Dealer Meggy.

Basically some London gangsters called Adams had a run in with these boys. Adams guys were up north once they bumped into faz, he got really cocky with them. They took his Lamborghini off him at gunpoint.

Later he got some boys (Maroofa & co), the tracker had it in some impound in Nottingham. They went acting all high and mighty.

When they got there, Adams had their hired thugs waiting with guns/swords etc. threatened to kill him right there.

He turned tail and ran off. Went back to Bradford told Meggy and others to help them get the car back from Adams. Mengri heard the name and pissed his pants, they all just stayed home.

Meggy you think your tough soor you just watch your days are numbered you took away someones son who has to grieve for which was so uncalled, atleast today you get to see your mother hope ur kid don’t go without seeing his dad grow up. You shame us soor go crawl under thee carpet you tatti

For those who don’t know meggy lost his own nephew few years ago who was a dealer and worse! So this mother fucker should know how it feels to lose a loved one! The nob got out early as he stricked deals with cops and I’m telling u Yassar was made part of that deal which meggy son of Bitch made with his dads … meggy ainy no body anymore held name back in days but trust me many harder people out there than him and even they have heart not to take someone’s only son away meggy is old man now yassar was young so why meggy targeted someone younger we know why coz he got no balls to face people in person so does snitching

Meggy ran brothels that’s a fact he deals in firearms FACT he supplied kids with drugs FACT he uses his brothers name Rehman to protect his own back and guess what his time is near FACT let him carry on he’s own nephew died drugged up

you all really want to know who this zulfikar is? ill give everyone a history lesson few years back i was getting some food for family there was a group of lads about 9,10 lads all eating in shaans one of the lad that was there is meggy nephew hashim rehman and z had walked in to the shop the look on hashim face when he seen z as if he shit his pants. z told hashim eat his food pc meggs nephew. hashim had got up to try and defend his pussy uncles name. z had slappt and i mean SLAPPT hashim and he fell to the ground and them 9 lads that was with him didnt even get up didnt say a word like they wasnt even there

Most likely the reason Meggy said to cops Zulfy gonna kill me

That woz about 10 years ago ash khan i remeber that i woz sat there with family wen it all happened

The reality is there no pathan born from there mother who stands with these pussysman enough to stand toe to toe with z thats why they run when they see him they hide behind the police but let me tell you something how long can you really hide for ?? remember who got yh z got yh bitchhh

He’s robbed innocent people old namaazi uncles , grassed on ppl now this brother killed he needs to be taught a lesson I’m a women i’m no slag or hater but I hate what he’s done to ppl I no theirs a 1 or 2 bums who wana kiss his ars but the truth is the truth

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