Exotic Electric shock took precious life of young Girl in Khari Sharif

A girl died in Khari Sharif, due to the electric current. She was married for 8 months from Barnala tu Pulmanda.

The unfortunate incident happened in a village of Khari Sharif, where the daughter of Mirza Ishtiaq was taken after marriage (from Barnala to Pulmanda). She was Daughter in Law of Mirza Shahid and wife of Mirza Husnain.

The newly married girl was helping out her mother-in-law in washing clothes. The incident took place when the girl approached the washing machine with barefoot. When her foot hit the wires of washing machine, a rapid amount of current ran throughout her body. She was immediately taken to the Divisional Head-Quarter Hospital, Mirpur, But she could not survive and died. She was daughter of Mirza Ishtiaq resident of Barnala.

She was buried after her funeral prayer. Everyone was sad on sudden death of young girl who had whole live a head. RIP.