Exorbitantly hunt for justice, of a sexually assaulted boy of 14 years

On 22 August, 14 years old Israar was sexually battered in Islamgarh by two boys. Culprits are not yet arrested because of having the strong internal political connections. Even, the police of Islamgarh is refusing the arrest.

Referring to the Nabeel Shaheed Press Club, Israar Faryad resident of Muhajir Colony No.3 alleged that, Tufail Shah son of Bahadur Shah resident of Muhajir colony No.3 and Razzaq son of Muhammad Sharif resident of Tariqabad have targeted him for sexual abuse.

Even after registering the FIR, Islamgarh Police hasn’t arrested the victims yet. Father of Victim boy told in press conference that, Instead of taking any action, the SHO of Islamgarh is suggesting us to not to publish the news, to avoid humiliation. The head of inquiry Raja Waqqar Ameen (ASI) has threatened us “do whatever you can, but i will not take any action against the culprits”.

Victim’s family said, administrator Municipal Corporation and a Traffic Police Sargent who relative to Tufail Shah and Razaaq have pushed Qasim Majeed son of PM Ch Majeed to avoid any inquiry in this case.

Victims gave ultimatum of 23th August, to arrest the culprits, or they will halt the strike on 24th of August. Israar comes from a poor background, and his case has been tangled under the strong political connections of people like Qasim (son of prime minister).

The IG of Azad Kashmir, DIG and SSP of Mirpur have been requested to arrest the culprits and led the justice go in favor of Israar and his family. Israar is still fighting for justice and his self-respect.