Excessive Load Shedding in Ramadan Made the People Revolt

Khuiratta is subject to excessive and unnecessary load shedding even during times of Sehr, Aftar, and Taraweeh Prayers. Extreme heat and load shedding led people to retaliate in the form of cursing.

During crucial times like Sehr, Aftar, and Taraweeh, load shedding does not leave the sight of the citizens. Unnecessary load shedding is getting on the nerves of people and they cursed Wapda and different authorities for making false claims about reduction in load shedding during Ramadan. These false claims are made every year before Ramadan and stay unfulfilled. No time is specified for load shedding and no electricity during the time of penance.

Khuiratta’s Grid Station is also involved in high levels of load shedding. Citizens are so frustrated that they have challenged the authorities that if no measures are taken against load shedding then they will protest against Grid Station.