Ex Boyfriend spreads “BJ” Pictures of Bride among guests at Asian Wedding in Tornoto

During an Asian’s wedding in Toronto, Ontario, ex boy friend of Bride appeared and spread the envelope among the guests including indecent pictures of Bride performing S** Acts and giving him BJ.

Ex Boyfriend escaped from the scene while brother of Bride who though this is being done by groom’s side to bring them shame, the brawl starting between families of Bride and Groom.

They punched each other, through chairs and tables on each other, there was blood left all over the floor which staff had to clean up once the brawl had settled down

The violence was captured in a series of videos taken on guests’ phones and the row continued on social media.

Video went viral and alot of people left comments on its, one said

That poor girls life is probably ruined because of some nasty minded little toad intent on belittling women sexually. It’s pointless saying don’t film it. What about long distance? Many relationships rely on the net that is easily accessed. Then your phones. Many are done without consent or knowledge. Then some are threatened with cruel things. To make it worse it’s gone public, she’s likely hiding mortified. Who does that to a woman on her wedding day? One thing I am sure of, this wont end here. I have no empathy for that man right now. What he did was very serious.

The twitter user who actually spread the news across, left a message,

You know what though… she can move past this. We, as people, are fickle and we forget things quickly. She’ll live her life just fine.

Original News Source: Daily Mail