Even Ramadan Could Not Stop Substandard Milk

Milk that is average and dangerous to health is supplied even in Ramadan. Milk supply of inferior quality from Punjab has increased. After ban on big cars, milk suppliers from Punjab use local cars and motorcycles to supply milk to Mirpur and the milk is inventoried. Citizens are helpless.

Substandard milk is still being supplied in the month of Ramadan, even this business has further increased in Ramadan. Milk from Mandi, Sargodha, Saraye Alamgir, and Gujrat is stored in inventories in Mirpur. The demand of milk has increased in this month, so retailers trick the management by supplying milk to Mirpur in local cars and motorcycles at night. It seems like along with the citizens, management is also helpless in front these suppliers.

Commissioner of Public Affairs in Mirpur, Raja Amjad Pervaiz Ali Khan, has been asked to make the officers survey the market to stop such corrupt practices.