Equipment worth Millions of rupees stolen from DHQ Hospital, 6 Billion worth Laboratory closed with involvement of Private Labs, DHO and MS Involved

DHQ Hospital has become a hub of Corruption and lawlessness. The Favorites of Prime Minister are taking turns to fulfill the roles of MS and DHO and the largest hospital of the Division has become a center of multiple problems. It has also been discovered that medical equipment worth billions of rupees has also been stolen. The resources have also revealed the involvement of many private medical laboratories.

According to details, corruption and lawlessness are at their peak in District Headquarter Hospital Mirpur. In the presence of an Influential Medical Superintendent the Corruption mafia are given free reign. A corruption of millions of rupees has been revealed in the purchase of medicines. Its has also been discovered that the medicines bought for the poor and needy public are also internally sold to the markets. Under the supervision of MS, the hospital staff and authorities of Paramedical Association they are robbing millions of rupees every year from the national treasure.

According to resources the old and new machinery has also been removed from the hospital whereas the 6 billion dollar laboratory equipment due to the involvement with private laboratories has been shut down.

According to details, it has been discovered that the Government machinery is also used in the nearby Private Clinic located in a private plaza, which was bought by the Purchase Committee of the Government Hospital a few tears back. In this clinic the doctors of DHQ Hospital rob the public while using Government Equipment. Whereas it has also come to light that the Physiotherapy Department of the hospital has been opened just to gather Salaries whereas the Physiotherapy is also done in a nearby Private Clinic again run by the DHQ Hospital’s Physiotherapists.

According to details, all the departments of hospital, from Canteen to Car Parking to Operation Theaters are all involved in Corruption. The proofs for wide spread corruption in the developmental projects are in custody of DG Health, many equipments replaced during the up gradation are also stolen. The annual budget of the hospital specified for medicines is also only part of the papers and no purchase has been done from them but through involvement of various pharmaceutical companies fake bills are forged. The payment from these bills goes into the Bank accounts of Corrupt mafia of hospital while no medicines are bought whereas the drugs bought are sold to Private Medical stores.

Citizens have expressed wide concern on this wide spread corruption.