England: young boy raped by a Man

Burnley: a takeaway delivery driver raped a young boy in Burnley. He tricked the boy to come into his house and raped him. The boy reported against him but he denies all the accusations. Although proof is found against him. He is being inquired about the matter twice.

According to details, at the end of Ramadan, Jameel Khan, 46, tricked a boy to come into his house. The boy is said to be wandering in the street when Khan saw him and offered him tea and invited him into his house. When the boy entered, Khan locked the front door; the boy asked why he did this, Khan said because they are going to spend the night here. He took the boy to his room; the boy found out his intentions and surrendered himself and Khan raped him.
Later that night, boy somehow found the keys to the front door and ran away. He reported the incident to the police. Police caught Khan and questioned him twice at different occasions but Khan denies all these accusations. He said that he remembers seeing the boy that night but did not assault him in any way. Proof was found against him but he still denies of doing anything to do with the boy. The trial continues.