Emergency meeting held by F-1 Action Committee regarding Water Problem

The chairman of Action Committee Shahzad Bashir Zargar and the President Action Committee Zafar Bangash said while addressing the emergency meeting that the commissioner and Deputy Commissioner Mirpur should immediately take notice of the water scarcity problem faced by Mohallah Rehmani residents.

They demanded to immediately suspend the XEN otherwise strong protest calls would be given. They further said that the world has progressed so much and we’re still facing problems regarding the basic necessities of life. Valves have been installed at every corner of Mohallah Rehmani and still there is scarcity of water, only a few lanes are provided water whereas majority of the residents are still suffering.

In previous protests we were ensured that water issue would be resolved but the water is still supplied only once every week and that too dirty and foul smelling insect infested. They demanded immediate suspension of the XEN and the issue to be resolved otherwise they will protest on Mirpur Kotli road and will block it.