National Accountability Bureau (NAB) arrested SDO and Xen of PWD in Mirpur

Mirpur: Ehtasab Bureau has arrested SDO Younis Shad and Xen Mazhar Hussain from Mirpur, in accusation of corruption in official money for some construction projects. Ehtasab Bureau director, Sardar Moosa Khan arrested the two officers on Tuesday, along with his team.

SDO Younis Shad and Xen Mazhar Hussain are accused of doing fraud with the money meant for the construction of DHQ Hospital in Palandri. They corrupted 76 lac rupees with the help of project’s contractor, Mian Arif. Construction of the project is worth 28 crore, 45 lac rupees out of which the contractor has received 25 crore rupees already and the project is still under construction. Residents of Palandri appreciated the proceedings of Bureau and requested the Chairman of Ehtasab Bureau to take action against other such officers as well and refund the corrupted money from them as well.