Eggs Attack on Adil Ray in Birmingham while he was shooting for TV Episode

Adil Ray, the creator of BBC “Citizen Khan”, was recently egged in public while filming an episode of the hit TV sitcom.

Adil Ray who plays a lead role a “community leader” Mr Khan, was shooting a scene at Ladypool Road, Birmingham. A group of lads quickly gathered and attacked him with eggs, which hit on his head and face. The shooting team including Adil Ray quickly escaped form the scene.

Adil Ray, told media during an interview that he has received death threats form the people who think he makes fun of Islam and stereotypes Asians.

Read if you watch Citizen Khan, and spread the message In’Sha’Allah:
Some muslims actually thought Citizen Khan was funny. As if any pakistani girl would talk like that girl did to a guy she was ‘supposed’ to be getting married to infront of her dad, and a mosque is meant to be a sacred place not somewhere where some moron can go to and start singing songs, or where a married woman can start chasing another married man! Everything that was shown in that show last night was a mockery to Islam and an absolute disgrace. Many young muslim girls nowadays may act the way that Alia does but the way it was portrayed was totally wrong. Would any young pakistani girl be dressed like that infront of her dad? And to be pretending to read the Quran, this is a joke. Last night Adil Ray turned Islam into a big joke and there is Muslims out their who are actually supporting him and saying .. ‘Its only a comedy show’. Our religion is not a joke and it should not be shown to the world as a joke either, its not like our religion gets the best of the media attention anyway and then we get idiots like him making everything much worse for us. If any of you actually care about your religion you should complain to the BBC to get the rest of the show cancelled. *FACTS* ‘Citizen Khan’ Directed by Nick Wood, written by Anil Gupta, Richard Pinto. Starring Felix Dexter>’Omar’, Shobu Kapoor>’Mrs Khan’, Bhanvna Limbachia>’Alia Khan’, Kris Marshall>’Dave’, Maya Sondhi>’Shazia Khan’, Harvey Virdi>’Mrs Malik’. BBC ONE and ‘Citizen Khan’ controlled under Danny Cohen a Jewish man. Oh Muslims, this is a show written, directed and acted by NON MUSLIMS!, Apart from Adil Ray ‘Mr Khan’ Muslim by name. They are Clearly Insulting and Mocking Our religion!. THEY ARE SLAPPING US IN THE FACE!! WAKE UP!!!

Source : Noor Ul Hijab see below