Efficiency of SCO, Bill Issued on the Phone Connection Closed 4 Years Ago

Mirpur (1stSeptember2014 Bureau Report) The Efficiency of SCO of Pakistan Tele Communication came to Lime Light when a telephone Bill for a line closed 4 years earlier was issued. The residents of the area declared it a new way to rob the public. On disappointing performance people have begun to close their Landlines. There is no one to listen to the agony people face on getting Phone Bills again.

According to details, the prominent Journalist and Member Kashmir Press Club Ch Munir Hussain Mirpur had 2 Telephone Connections at his home due to poor service he closed both of his phones in 2009. After one year in2010 he received a bill on the pretense that the telephone service was closed temporarily for 6 months. He paid once again 4000 rupees fine in 2010 and closed his phone permanently and now in July 2014 he has been issued the bill again which is completely unbelievable. When an Employee of the Company was contacted he said that the phone was closed temporarily for 6 months now its time to pay the fine again. He said that if the phone was closed for 6 months then why the Bill is sent after 4 years.

Ch Munir Hussain demanded immediate action against such corrupt employees of the company and demanded of justice be done.